Smart Lighting Bulbs

ELA Smart Hub

The ELA Smart Hub is the first to combine:

1. Wi-Fi boosting capabilities

2. Brightness and colour temperature tuning

3. Smart hub & gateway for the ELA Mesh Network

Whats else is different about the ELA Smart Hub? The ELA Smart Hub produces its own Wi-Fi. If you're at the cottage with no internet, you can still control the lights (no internet access).

1 ELA Smart Hub is capable of connecting up to 80 ELA lights, making it extremely versatile.

Compliment your ELA Smart Hub with the ELA Smart Bulb (brightness and temperature adjustable) or the colour changing ELA Chroma Bulb (16 million colours).

Quick Specs:
Voltage: 120V     Power: 7W     Lumens: 600lm      
Colour Temperature: 2700K - 6500K     CRI: 85Ra     Lifespan: 25,000hrs
OS: iOS/Android     Certifications: cETLus, FCC & IC, CE, RoHS

Recommended 1 Hub per Floor.

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